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Zoom THE SAUTOIR, TWO My Silver Balance

THE SAUTOIR, TWO My Silver Balance


My balance

" I am a. Everything is clear, fair and harmonious. In me, not a wave, not a cloud, just a luminous clarity, pure and translucent like a rock crystal crossed by a soft ray of sunlight. I transcend doubts and dualities. I understand the balance of the great Whole. My clear mind can choose consciously, because everything now seems obvious to me. »

Gem Quality: MOONSTONE


Gem size: 20mm x 30mm H:6mm
Length of its chain: 70 cm
Dimensions of the 2 medals: 1.5 and 2 cm

The DEUX Subtil necklaces are all shaped according to the same design: a silver flower of life case is clipped above a semi-precious stone which is thus permanently recharged thanks to the energies of sacred geometry.

The unique 2 in 1 model of this necklace allows you to wear it in two ways: with or without its flower of life case depending on your desire of the moment

You can therefore choose to wear it with its case, for a more formal version, or without it, for a more refined version.

The corolla of the flower of life, woven with silver and transparency, subtly reveals the beauty of the stone while regenerating it.

The semi-precious stone, in direct contact with your skin, accompanies you and transmits its benefits to you constantly, without ever discharging.

Each gem carries the energies of the message channeled by Emily to the subtle world.

Its “MY BALANCE” emblem is engraved inside the jewel.

Two medals complete this necklace.
A first, on the left, at heart level, on which “MY BALANCE” is engraved, as a reminder of this strong message.

A second medal, to the left, with a diameter on which the SUBTIL brand is engraved.

Each necklace is handmade by our master jewelers.

- Subtle
- My balance
- Master and state mark

Our jewelry is made in Türkiye, in our workshops.
Your jewel is sent in a box with the greatest care.

Photos of the products are not contractual.

Stones, being original and natural elements, may have color variations.

THE SAUTOIR, TWO My Silver Balance


Maintenance tips

Contact with water

Avoid prolonged contact with water, wearing the piece in the sea or swimming pool.

Heat source

Avoid any source of extreme heat (sauna, hammam, etc.).

To avoid scratches

Avoid wearing the piece during manual work. Avoid contact with sand and any products that could be abrasive.

For cleaning

Gently scrub your jewelry with a soft toothbrush previously dipped in white vinegar. Rinse your jewelry then dry it with a soft cloth.

Shipping and Delivery

Delivery delay

Delivery time of 18 days from the date of order

Free delivery

Free, secure delivery, delivery against signature in France and the European Union


Our jewelry is guaranteed for 3 years

Subtle necklaces

The necklace TWO

“My necklace radiates the beneficial energies of gold, minerals and the flower of life. It connects me to my power and opens my heart chakra. »

The design of the DEUX necklace features a gold flower of life which clips above a semi-precious stone. It is thus constantly recharged thanks to the energies of sacred geometry.
The chain is also adorned with two protective gold medallions which amplify the elegance and message of the jewel.
The unique 2 in 1 model of this jewel allows it to be worn in two ways: with or without the flower of life, depending on your mood of the moment.

The sacred geometry of the Flower of Life contains both the origin of life and all of creation and the cosmos.
It is the constantly renewed vital force.

Your jewel, placed on your skin, accompanies you and transmits its benefits to you constantly, without ever being discharged.

How to choose my necklace?

For each locket, Emily channeled a unique message. Let yourself be carried away by the words and colors! Follow your intuition, your dreams, your feelings to choose the jewelry that suits you and whose story will also be yours.