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"My necklace radiates the beneficial energies of gold, mineral and the flower of life. It connects me to my power and opens my heart chakra."

The design of the DEUX necklace features a flower of life in gold or silver which clips above a semi-precious stone.

It is thus constantly recharged thanks to the energies of sacred geometry. The chain is also adorned with two protective medallions in gold or silver which are placed naturally on the heart and which amplify the elegance and message of the jewel.

The unique 2 in 1 model of this jewel allows it to be worn in two ways: with or without the flower of life, depending on your mood of the moment. The sacred geometry of the Flower of Life contains both the origin of life and all of creation and the cosmos.

It is the constantly renewed vital force. Your jewel, placed on your skin, accompanies you and transmits its benefits to you constantly, without ever being discharged.