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Our history

The Subtil brand was born, in image, in light, in aura, in magnetic and quantum field... Its spirit and its mission are manifested today in each of its jewels.

EmilyFounder of Subtle

Subtle vision

The genesis of Subtil is first and foremost a story from elsewhere, a dialogue between the subtle world and the here below.

A story from elsewhere...

Subtil is a Spiritual Jewelry brand created by Emily Nicolle , medium, Akashic reader, author.

The genesis of Subtil is first and foremost a story from elsewhere, a dialogue between the subtle world and the here below.

This is the story of a channeling received by Emily during a tarot consultation.

Emily's schedule was already very full at that time, so this consultation was not supposed to take place. But now the session originally planned is canceled, thus freeing up space-time for the meeting and the vision that will change everything.

Emily therefore finds herself in the middle of a cartomancy session, connected to the person who requested an appointment that day.

And that's when the unexpected happens.

Emily channels and visualizes information that she did not seek: at the top of the room where she is, a beam of light appears, within which a ring topped with an oval stone is outlined.

The medium also clearly perceives the outline of a flower of life, placed under the stone, which recharges the gem with its sacred energy .

Emily does not let herself be disturbed, she collects this information and continues the consultation. But the masters and teachers have done things well and they are preparing another surprise for him...

Beyond all expectations, the person consulted confided to her a few minutes later that her real profession, the one that she had to put aside but which really thrills her, is to design and design jewelry!

Amazed by the clarity, coherence and strength of the message she has just received from the subtle world, Emily no longer has any doubt: she will create jewelry to honor this vision from elsewhere.

She intuitively channeled the shape of a ring; she must now give it substance, that is to say have it drawn by the person who came to consult her, find a jeweler and define the raw materials: gold, silver and semi-precious stones, whose energetic virtues she already knows.

A few months later, the Subtil brand was born and the first jewelry – rings and necklaces – released in 2022.

More than simple ornaments, the jewelry designed are vectors of beneficial energies born from the harmonious alliance of gold, silver, minerals and the flower of life.

Emily NicolleFounder

Energy jewelry

More than simple ornaments, the jewelry designed by Emily are vectors of beneficial energies born from the harmonious alliance of gold, silver, minerals and the flower of life.

The magic of the design channeled by Emily is that the flower of life, by clipping onto the stone, recharges and perpetually regenerates it thanks to the beneficial energies of sacred geometry.

Intimately connected to the woman who wears it, Subtil spiritual jewelry guides her, supports her, brings her the strength and protection she needs to forge her own path.

It anchors him in the present and activates the potential of his life.

He reveals her to herself.

It connects it to the power of the sacred, natural materials and embodied spirituality.

It can also be worn as protective jewelry, like a talisman.

The story of Subtle

The creator

Emily Nicolle , business owner, medium, fortune teller, Akashic reader and author.

The story of Emily, founder of Subtle

Emily is the founder of the Subtil brand.

The jewelry she creates today is the culmination of a rich spiritual journey that began in her earliest childhood.

To understand the genesis of the Subtil brand, you have to go back in time…

Emily Nicolle has indeed been connected to the subtle world since her birth, as everyone likes to say!

However, what differentiates her from others is that she knows it, she feels it, she lives it and vibrates it…

Small, she receives messages, comes into contact with entities. She regularly experiences astral outings to escape from a difficult family context and find her path to incarnation.

As a teenager, she did a few Ouija sessions (with their procession of misadventures!), and she communicated with spirits. At 18, a friend put an oracle in her hands and, intuitively, she “made the cards speak”.

But she doesn't feel ready.

So, it temporarily closes the door to messages coming from elsewhere, without ever losing its privileged connection with the invisible, intangible, and unexplained part of reality, which many people no longer perceive or not, for lack of believing in it or just to be interested in it.

The years pass, Emily leads a fulfilled, “normal” life. She is now married, mother of 3 children. In her professional life, everything is going well too: she is a business manager in real estate and she has surrounded herself with a great team of colleagues.

In 2012, however, she began sowing new spiritual seeds in her life through yoga and Ayurvedic medicine.

Without knowing it, she has half-opened the door to the subtle world which is there, which is waiting for her, calling to her, sending her signals in the form of bodily and visual sensations and synchronicities.

Her heart opens to another part of herself that has been pushed aside for too long. She makes room for her instinct and intuition.

On July 16, 2020, she was 43 years, 4 months and 3 days old and, she says, “they are coming”…

His head spins, his vision changes and becomes blurred in the presence of other people, his senses become sharper. Amazing events follow one another in his life.

She experiences a powerful spiritual awakening that turns her life upside down.

In a few weeks, all her beliefs are shattered, she literally feels led towards a new beginning.

She lets her spirituality grow and unfold fully in her daily life; eager for knowledge, she documents, explores, experiments, comes into contact with new people to train in magnetism, tarology, akashic readings...

Then, she decides to reveal what she experiences in her heart and in her body. She gives new impetus to her professional life by offering sessions of mediumship through tarology and readings of the Akashic annals.

In just a few months, his new activities took off, people naturally came to meet him.

During a guidance session, a message is whispered to her: her guides make her understand that she is led to create a range of spiritual and energetic jewelry to help women stay on course towards their goals, to become actors of their life and feel guided and supported by the subtle world.

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