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Flower of Life

Subtle jewelry

“Jewelry to make the flower of life bloom every day, in me and around me.”

Our jewelry conveys a subtle and powerful energy, infused by sacred geometry and in particular the flower of life, a universal, millennial and timeless symbol.
A portal to the infinity of possibilities, its rosette shape, from the dawn of time, conceals multiple spiritual and philosophical interpretations.

Wearing Subtle jewelry means promoting energetic harmony on all levels of your life and subtly integrating spirituality into your daily life.

EmilyFounder of Subtle



Composed of 19 harmoniously embedded circles, the flower of life reflects divine perfection. Its form contains both the origin of life and the whole of creation and the cosmos. It is the constantly renewed vital force.

Carrying the flower of life on oneself means benefiting from the vibrational power of the flower of life and opening oneself every day to the spiritual and subtle messages of this essential, original and sacred symbol.

EmilyFounder of Subtle


Recharging the flower of life

If the flower of life adorns the stones of our jewelry, it is because it has the power to reactivate and regenerate the virtues of the stones.

In contact with sacred geometry, the stone is as if connected to an energetic battery, it accompanies you and transmits its benefits to you constantly, without ever discharging.