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Subtle, spiritual jewelry

Wearing Subtle jewelry means promoting energetic harmony on all levels of your life and integrating spirituality into your daily life.

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A Spiritual Jewelry brand

Subtil is a Spiritual Jewelry brand created by Emily Nicolle, medium, Akashic reader and author.

Intended for women in search of beauty and spirituality, our energetic jewelry weaves the precious links that connect us to the subtle world and its magic.

Inspired by sacred geometry, they allow everyone to live and subtly express their spirituality day after day.

“Wearing Subtle jewelry means moving forward in your life, anchored, guided and supported by the gentle and powerful energies of gold, silver, semi-precious stones and the flower of life.”

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Subtle jewelry

Intimately connected to the woman who wears it, Subtil spiritual jewelry guides her, supports her, brings her the strength and protection she needs to forge her own path.

It anchors him in the present and activates the potential of his life.

He reveals her to herself.

It connects it to the power of the sacred, natural materials and embodied spirituality.

It can also be worn as protective jewelry, like a talisman.

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La genèse de Subtil

La genèse de Subtil est d’abord une histoire venue d’ailleurs, un dialogue entre le monde subtil et l’ici-bas.

Née, en image, en lumière, en aura, en champ magnétique et quantique...Son esprit et sa mission se manifestent aujourd’hui dans chacun de ses bijoux.

Découvrez en vidéo la vision d'Emily, fondatrice de Subtil.

Subtil en vidéo

Découvrez au travers de notre vidéo la collection Subtil, magnifiée dans la villa Rocabella.

Our collection

The Rings

“When I look at my ring, I feel protected and supported by the energies of the subtle world. »


The necklaces

“A necklace to make the flower of life bloom every day, in me and around me, with power and beauty. »


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